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About Love2Dev

Love2Dev provides modern web development and technology services for businesses, churches and organizations of all sizes

Love2Dev is your one stop for your technology and online marketing solutions. We provide it all from web development and hosting to online marketing, technology audits, and social media content management. Take advantage of our concierge services; it's like having an online technology assistant.

Our Team

Chris Love

Chris Love


Chris Love is a front-end developer for individuals and companies who are lost in the sea of modern web and user experience standards. He has a quarter century of web development experience building a wide variety of web sites and applications. In recent years, he focused on responsive web design, single-page web applications and web performance optimization.

Chris runs Love2Dev, a small web consulting company, focusing on user-first web applications that operate on all devices. Love2Dev offers web development and analysis to help companies engage end users and operate more efficiently. He has built modern web experiences for hundreds of businesses and individuals, ranging from mom and pop shops to major corporate brands.

Chris authored three web development books including, High Performance Single Page Web Applications, http://amzn.to/1b0twcm. He is a Microsoft MVP, ASP Insider and Edge User Agent. Chris regularly speaks at user groups, code camps and developer conferences. His insights and opinions have been featured in various magazines and popular podcasts.

Beth Love

Beth Love

VP of Customer Success

Beth is a talented technical communicator, focused on building client relationships, customer support and project management. She pulls from her past experiences in various roles and industries to guide our clients through the project and provides expert technical support for existing web applications.

Beth started her career with 7 years experience in consulting, database management and quality assurance for financial and pharmaceutical leaders. Later, she accumulated over 10 years in technical and customer support where she further developed the art of listening to the customer. No matter which role she held, Beth pursued the issues and became an advocate for customer-led development, aka User Experience (UX) design. Rather than patch symptoms of a broken system, she pushed to fix problems and enhance the end user experience.

Beth edits Chris's blog and books, writes and manages content for their websites, church websites, and various social media accounts.


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