5 UX Resources for Developers

I have been getting more and more questions about resources I use for various things. Today I was asked about User Experience (UX) resources and to be honest I was just not ready for the question. I do not consider UX to be a component of design or development. It does not belong to AJAX, Silverlight or any other application framework. I really consider it almost a light-black art of understanding how to articulate your application so a user finds it as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

So with that here are 5 places I consider to be a good place for developers to refer when trying to build the all important layout of their application/site. They are in no particular order.


QuinceA collection of example design patterns done in a really nice Silverlight application managed by Infragistics. The gallery defines problems, how to solve them and then shows these concepts in action on real web sites. What I personally like about this is the examples are not over the top fantastic designs, but real life examples of useful UX design patterns.

Yahoo Design Patterns Library

Similar to Quince Yahoo has a nice gallery of UX design patterns. It also has the problem/solution arrangement.


Boag WorldBoagworld is a collection articles and a regular podcast on design principles. They cover many topics more tilted towards design and marketing. I have just started checking this site out, so I will reserve a full editorial till later. It does come highly recommended to me from those more in the design world.

Jacob Nielson

I think it is safe to say this may be the Craig's List of the User experience world. Jacob Nielson's useit.com is his blog on user experience. He is one of the world's leading experts on usability.


Yes, I find twitter to be one of the best resources for just about anything. The key is to use the twitter search engine to monitor for what's happening in a field on a daily basis. By following UX related terms you cant help but find twitter accounts that specialize if sharing UX information, like UXTweets.I find all sorts of great resources each day on ASP.NET, jQuery, marketing, UX, music and of course my friends. But first and foremost it is a professional tool for me. I currently use Seesmic's twitter client because I can designate search terms to be followed so I can know in almost real-time what is hot each day.

UX Tweets

This is not a complete list, but a starting place. Please feel free to ad more references in the comments. Hopefully I can revisit this list in the future.

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