66 Pounds in 108 Days - My Latest Book

I mentioned a few times on my Blog about losing weight and getting in shape last year. I wrote a book about the experience. I hope the book serves as inspiration and education for others looking to get themselves back in shape.

66 Pounds in 108 Days - How a Normal Fat Guy Lost Weight and Got In Shape

Just over a year ago a car wreck triggered a doctor's visit for a check up to make sure there were no broken bones, etc. Instead of fractures the shock was my weight, 272 pounds. I knew I was overweight, but not that overweight. I had to do something, but where should I start and what should I do?

If you are like me you asked similar questions. 70% of North American is overweight and over a third is obese. Face it folks we are fat and we need to do something about out excess fat.

It took me a month to start, but then I was down to 266.4 pounds. The next 108 days were a march to 200 pounds. My original goal reaching 200 by July 1, or 6 months, which I obliterated!

My book is my story of how I lost the weight, but more important what I learned along the way. The story does not stop when I reach the goal, but how I kept the weight off and changed my lifestyle. I learned there are many details about nutrition and exercise we can all use to lose weight and get in shape.

My Daily Weight Loss Chart

The book covers my motivations and actions. It also reviews how my diet and poor lifestyle habits combined to create my obese state. The book covers how to eat, exercise and sleep so you can lose weight and recover your personal health back. I also share how I tracked my progress using daily weigh ins and my Microsoft Band.

As a geek the journey to being fit is vary fascinating as there are various data points and telemetry you can follow. Standards like body mass index (BMI) and Active Metabolic Rate you need to know in order to create a proper caloric deficit. The book dives into details about these and other standards you can use to control your personal health.

I wrote the book because I saw how I influenced friends and family to follow my lead. In fact I had a few requests to author the book. So over Christmas break I took the time to write my story and compile information about proper nutrition and exercise.

Since losing my weight I maintained the 200 pound weight for 6 months. Since Thanksgiving I lost over 10 more pounds. Beyond weight loss, I feel great. So good in fact I compare it to how I felt in college.

I am now in a much different place than December 2014. I hope 66 Pounds in 108 Days can serve as a story and resource to motivate you to get yourself back in shape. Being a busy middle aged North American is not an excuse. You can live a healthy life and not miss out. You don't have to be overweight and feel old and tired.

66 Pounds in 108 Days is my personal weight loss story. I hope it serves as an inspiration for you and your friends and family. This is the story of how a normal fat guy lost weight and got in shape.

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