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Amazon has made book publishing easy. This is why I have chosen to author more books, without a publisher. To be blunt the process is much easier without the publisher and I make at least the same amount of money. One thing I don’t do is sell printed books anymore, it is too expensive to print them. I would need to sell a printed copy of a book for over $40 just to break even, assuming I sold any copies.

Amazon Kindle Application

Digital books have changed my reading habits. I have purchased one printed book in the past 5 years. That books was Ted Williams book on hitting, which is only available in paperback. Digital books are easy to manage. They go everywhere with me and are always available on any of my devices.

Kindle Fire HD Something that I have not considered is how many people assume you can only read Amazon’s digital books on a physical Kindle device. This is simply not true! Kindle is software, not hardware. Amazon sells Kindle branded tablets and Kindle e-readers. Kindles range in price from 249. I purchased a 2nd generation Kindle e-reader a long time ago. No one has used the device in 4 years and it sits in a drawer collecting dust.

Amazon has produced e-reader software for every platform. On most platforms you just need to go to the app store and download the software. You can even use their Cloud reader and enjoy your books in the browser.

if you hate going to your platform’s application store, and I am one of those people, Amazon has a page that will help you get the kindle e-reader for your platform. It is as easy as clicking the download button, installing and you can start reading.

I know most of you use at least 2 different devices during the day. The nice thing about having a service like Amazon’s Kindle is when you move from one device to the next it syncs your reading position. So when you go from your phone to your desktop you can seamlessly pick up where you left off. I love that feature!

So if you have been holding off buying Kindle books because you do not have a Kindle device there are no excuses. Download the Kindle reader for your device and start enjoying the world of digital books!

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