A New Love2Dev - Now Even Faster!

Finally! I’m proud to announce the new version of love2dev.com. A few months ago I mentioned in a June post that I was remodeling the site. Today is the day that I can announce the new site is live. After a few false starts, and many distractions along the way, a new and updated version of the site is ready to launch. But it is more than just the launch of a new site, it is also an announcement of a slight pivot in business focus.

Love2Dev is no longer about just Chris Love, but about a company focusing on business’ desire to eliminate technical stress, caused by the constantly changing web platform. Love2Dev is focusing more on offering rich front-end web solutions focusing on custom development and creating hosted services. While we are not ready to publicly announce a new hosted service, one or more are currently under development. Our plan is to leverage a vast knowledge of software development, focused on front-end development and quality user experience, to produce great business applications and hosted services. The goal is to help businesses and organizations succeed online and allow them to focus or what they do best, not technical and developer related issues.

More about the new focus in an upcoming post. Today, I want to share a little about the updated architecture of this web application. A few years ago the previous version of Love2Dev.com was based on my single page application architecture as it stood at the time. Much of it was based on what was eventually published in High Performance Single Page Web Applications. But that was nearly four years ago. Browsers and other technologies have advanced since then. We have also increased our experience crafting mobile friendly, single page applications. It was time to update Love2Dev.com to implement an updated architecture.

Over the past few years cloud hosted services has really matured. We have been privileged to build several applications for customers on top of these services. We have used both AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as a few other as secondary cloud services. These experiences have exposed us to the great potential cloud and hosted services offer to businesses. Great power at scale for a minimal financial investment.

Meanwhile doing dozens upon dozens web applications have also helped us to mature the single page web application architecture we use to build great user experiences. Of course web technologies have improved and we learned more about how to leverage these technologies. These experiences helped us understand leveraging web technology better. We feel we have not only improved our web application performance, but also the overall user experience and productivity. At the same time we have improved the workflow, developer operations and reduced total cost of ownership.

Because single page applications move much of the infrastructure from the web server to the browser we have decided to host the new love two Dev on cloud based file storage and not a formal web server. In fact we’re not even using a relational or NoSQL database. This web application is entirely hosted in the AWS’s S3 with CloudFront. This is possible because we leverage node modules and task managers to build a static web application, removing the need for a server generation layer. That layer was ASP.NET for us, but it could be PHP, Node, Ruby or a host of other technologies for others. When we use these technologies on the web today they are limited to a formal API. In the case of Love2Dev, it is not a complicated application, thus has a limited API, available for administration, contact requests and newsletter subscription management.


S3 is equivalent to Microsoft Azure’s blob storage. CloudFront is Amazon’s CDN Service. While Microsoft Azure offers both services, the ability to use a custom domain with SSL on CloudFront was a big factor in choosing AWS. Currently we have not implemented SSL, but plan to soon. SSL will enable us to use service workers as well as improve our SEO ranking. More on those details in future posts.

Our initial web performance testing has shown this solution loads in under one second on desktop. And under 2 seconds over cellular. The previous site was close to these numbers, but rough testing shows the new site about 30% faster. These numbers are important because users expect websites to load in under 2 seconds regardless of the device they use. While this site is relatively simple, it proves the architecture is fast and scalable. When our clients implement our solution according to our guidance, even complex web applications are user ready in under 2 seconds consistently. I’m sure the technically focused have many more questions and hopefully over the coming weeks I’ll be able to answer many of those.

This is the first pass at the new site, there are a few more features you should see implemented in the coming days and weeks. Many new things are on the horizon and I can’t wait to tell you about. For now if you have questions or comments please feel free to connect with us via the contact page.

I also want to encourage you to sign up for our new newsletter, see the form to the right on larger screens. Our goal is to provide a weekly update of great web resources focused on helping businesses leverage new technology. We also have a two and a CORS own improving your HTML5 Fitness. This course is designed to help developers and IT professionals understand simple things that they can do to make of their web applications performed faster without investing best to resources and money. These are just examples of some of the new services love to death plans to offer in the coming months.

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