Ad Blocking Is Coming to Microsoft Edge

This week a roadmap slide was shared showing short term plans for Microsoft’s Edge browser. One of the
features being added was listed as ad blocking. The author, Ed Bott, misunderstood the feature implementation as native ad blocking, similar to what Safari and Opera have implemented.

Microsoft Edge Summer 2016 Roadmap

The reality is ad blocking will not be a native browser feature. Instead it will be supported via a popular Ad Blocking Extension. My guess is the extension will be a ported version of the popular Chrome Ad Blocker Ad Block.

Jacob Rossi confirmed this solution earlier today.

Microsoft Edge Summer 2016 Roadmap

I understand how Ed made this mistake. Looking at the slide it seems to imply native support. My guess is the Edge representatives mentioned ad blocking as an extension, but in the hustle to take notes as well as the photo he missed that part. It happens to me all the time. Unfortunately this message has propagated rather quickly.

Ad blocking and third party script blocking in general is an important user feature request. Third party scripts are destroying user experience across the web and must be curbed quickly. I have been working on content around the topic of third party scripts and hope to have things ready to publish soon.

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