Amazon's Bad User Experience

Amazon's Bad UI
Amazon's Bad UI

Over Christmas I ordered most of our gifts from Amazon. I have Amazon Prime and it is a wonderful user experience because I rarely need to worry about shipping costs.

Prime saves me money but during checkout it saves time and frustration. Because Amazon has removed that step from the purchasing user experience they have far fewer abandoned shopping carts, a win-win for customers and Amazon.

However, we needed to ship some gift cards to my in-laws. I did not know their address so my wife dictated it to me and somewhere in that process I entered the wrong street address. The package could not be delivered. Fortunately Amazon knew about it and sent me an e-mail and displayed a warning icon in the order tracking information.

Amazon's bad address user experience

The problem, it tells me to contact Amazon to change the address, but gives me no way to contact Amazon. My first instinct was to click the warning icon, but that is not a hyperlink. I then clicked each of the two small links below the shipping details box. They did not provide a way to contact Amazon. I searched and searched the page and found nothing.

After several days of both my wife and I hunting around the Amazon site and the order details page she found a link. It was in an obscure out of the way location on the page. But she could not update the shipping address online, she had to call Amazon customer support and talk to a representative. An analog solution for such a leader on online shopping.

Amazon could make this experience much better with very little effort on their part. I am sure they have a small order percentage with the wrong address entered. However at their volume that means thousands of packages hung in shipment limbo.

Enabling an address change in the order details or order tracking would be helpful. I realize Amazon uses different delivery services, so there would need to be business rules to enable this feature accordingly. For example when the package cannot be delivered, like our case.

I know UPS allows packages to be rerouted before they are delivered. My understanding is the user experience is simple. I hope Amazon puts this on their 2016 to do list, it will save them money on employee's answering the phone and increase customer satisfaction.

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