Displaying an Android Device's Screen on your Desktop

I do a lot of presentations and online demonstrations of mobile clients these days. That means I need to share screens from all sorts of devices. The problem is none of the major mobile platforms make this easy, but there are some hacks to get you there. Today I wanted to share a simple utility called Android Screencast I have been using to share the screen from my Android devices. There is a good post about Android Screencast with a download link. I have not reviewed the Android Screencast application's source code, but you can get it from Google Code using Git.

The application requires you have the Davlik Debugger up and running and of course your Android device running. Since I have not reviewed the source code, my suspicions are it utilized the debugger's screenshot capability to snap a new screen shot every second or so. I say this because there is a slight delay to what is shown on the screen to what you actually do on the device. So if you are only going to be satisfied with a real-time screen sharing utility keep looking, and of course let me know about it!

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