DotNetRocks Show 1024 Talking About Modern Web Development

Earlier this week I spent some time with Carl and Richard to record a DotNetRocks episode about modern web development. It just happened to be episode 1024, how cool!

We spent the hour chatting about modern web development and some of the challenges being faced by the development community when it comes to building modern web applications. The show was recorded Monday, which is the day I was pretty amped up about Google dissing pointer events, so we talked about this topic. I think both Carl and Richard had some really good points on the topic.

The show started with a listener comment from Burke Holland's show 970 [] stating that native was just simply better than the web. Of course I take exception to that position. This started the show and we talked about the way the enterprise is or is not really taking advantage of modern web development. This led me to pontificate a little on my view developers need to pick a side to specialize and enterprises need to encourage this choice. In other words the days of the 'full stack' developer are coming to an end.

One of the things the guys are asking every guess is what they would buy if they had $5000 to spend on technology. You will have to listen to my answer. I will give you a hint, I already have a new Surface Pro 3 and many other 'gadgets'.

Give the show a listen, send the guys and me your comments, you might win a DotNetRocks coffee cup! I also want to encourage you to listen to some other recent episodes that I have really enjoyed. I don't always agree with some of their statements, but that's ok it all leads to a great discussion about how and what we should be doing as developers today and the near future.

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