Escaping ASP.NET Tags in Code Smith Templates

I love to generate code, I have code templates for Code Smith that are the equivalent of a mold for a machine shop. I use them to create thousands upon thousands of lines of code each week, so I guard them with my life and update them almost as often as I update my applications I think.

Code Smith uses the same syntax as ASP.NET to build code generating templates. So one thing I had to learn to overcome was dealing with <%  %> tags in Code Smith, or escape ASP.NET tags in my Code Smith templates. The answer is to use a %% so it would look like <%% %%>.





> <a href=

'<%%# String.Format("AddEdit<%= sTableName %>.aspx?<%= sTableName %>id={0}", Eval("<%= sTableName %>Id")) %%>'>


"<%= sTableName %>"


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