ICANN and Network Solutions are Sued over Front-Running Practices

In the past 24 hours both Mashable and TechCrunch have reported that a lawsuit has been filed against both ICANN and Network Solutions for Front-Running. I reported the unethical practice back in January, where any available domain a whois lookup was done on the Network Solutions site would then get immediately registered in the name of Network Solutions. This is obviously unethical and should have immediately been stopped by ICANN. So a suite against both parties is justified in my opinion.

Chris McElroy's lawsuit can be downloaded from Mashable to review, it is 16 pages long and as I write this I have not looked it over. What I can say, is I am glad someone has the time and funds to go after Network Solutions on this practice. All I can say, is never ever do business with Network Solutions. You are going to pay 2-3 times what the service is worth and be treated like a piece of trash. There are other registrars to stay away from too, but right now Network Solutions is leading the slime ball parade.

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