Installing Microsoft Edge Ad Blocking Browser Extensions from the Store

msft-edge-ad-blocker-extensionsMaybe you were wondering if Microsoft Edge has browser extensions or what the release date was. The answer is yes and they have been for a couple of years.

Some of the first extensions were ad blockers. Out of all the browser extensions available ad blockers are by far the most popular.

The main reason consumers use ad blockers is not to block ads, but to make the pages load faster. Third party ad scripts slow sites to a crawl.

Combine slow third party scripts with a fast food framework or two and you might as well shutter your online property because no one will stick around to read your content. That might be painful for some of you, but you needed to hear it.

So what are your Ad Blocker extension options in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge Ad Blocker Extensions

As I write this post there are 5-6 choices available in the Windows Store. If you search for ad blocker you will find more choices. However, not all are browser extensions.

For example, News Grid is an app that currates news without ads.

Installing a Microsoft Edge Browser Extension

msft-edge-extensions-recomended-more-extensionsExtensions are easy to install. You can go right from Microsoft Edge to the Windows Store extensions section.

First, you must invoke the Edge configuration menu by pressing the ellipses in the top right corner.

You will see an 'Extensions' menu option toward the bottom.

Selecting this option displays the extensions panel. You will see your currently installed extensions and a list of recommended extensions.

Below the recommendations you see a hyper link to 'Explore more extensions'. Clicking this link opens the Windows store to the Edge extensions page.

You can click the extension's tile you want and it will open its detail page. On this page you will see an 'install' button if it is not already installed.

Once it is installed its icon displays in the rop right-corner of the browser, just like you see in other browsers.

If you click the extensions icon a detail panel is shown, again just like the behavior in other browsers.

As you can see I have Ghostery installed. Ad Block plus is another good Edge extension.

Personally I have no opinion about which one is better. They all provide similar results, with some deviation between them.



Ad Blocker extensions are just one category of browser extensions available for Microsoft Edge. Most consumers install ad blockers to make pages load faster.

If you thought Edge did not have ad blocking capabilities I am glad to report you are wrong. If this was a big reason why you don't use Microsoft Edge then I think you should give one of these ad blockers a try and see how well Edge works.

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