Microsoft Edge Now Has Ad Blocking and Extensions in the Store

Microsoft released a new Windows 10 build to the insiders ring this week. Microsoft Edge received multiple updates including new AdBlock and AdBlock plus extensions. The extension management process also received a user experience update, moving the extension installation and discovery process to the Windows Store. This should make the experience for the average user much better and more approachable.

I was eager to try the new store experience out and install AdBlock Plus, so I applied the upgrade Tuesday morning. The new extension experiences are very smooth and simple. I noticed a difference in overall performance after AdBlock plus was installed as it blocks so many terrible third party scripts from loading.

I thought I would walk you through the new extension installation experience. To access extensions you must invoke the Edge configuration menu by pressing the ellipses in the top right corner. You will see an ‘Extensions’ menu option toward the bottom. Selecting this option displays the extensions panel. You have two options to load and extension, from the store via a hyper link or from a local file via the ‘Load Extension’ button. Loading a local extension should be an action developers use to test their code, so normal people should avoid this option.


Clicking the link loads a promo page for extensions. I hope this page is only a temporary step as this feature is still in Beta. When Windows Anniversary edition ships to the masses this summer I suspect you will go directly to the Windows Store Edge Extensions category. Pressing the ‘Download Extensions’ button does open the store to the available extensions. Currently there are only a handful available. This will change in a few months as more extensions are ready and developers begin porting and creating new extensions to the store.


I installed AdBlock Plus, because plus has to be better than just AdBlock, right? Selecting the ‘Open in Store’ button takes you to the extensions store page. Here you get the standard marketing content, user reviews, etc.


Select the ‘Free’ button to install the extension, free is good!

Once the extension is installed it loads an AdBlock Plus welcome page and displays an overlay letting you know the extension has been installed with instructions to activate AdBlock Plus.



That’s it, you have installed AdBock Plus and should now experience better user experience visiting most sites as bad third party scripts will be blocked.

Now when you are visiting a site you can open the Edge configuration menu and will see your extensions displayed at the top of the menu. AdBlock Plus indicates how many bad third party scripts it blocked.

Edge has AdBlock Plus

I hope you enjoy the new extension installation experience and of course AdBlock Plus, a much needed extension for every browser.

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