My Top 10 ASP.NET Resources

I am often asked what sites, blogs and podcasts I frequent. I thought I would compile a list of the top 10 ASP.NET resources I visit, generally daily or weekly depending on their frequency.

  1. - Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell do a grreat job of interviewing many of the movers and shakers in the .NET world. They cover a broad range of topics, generally weekly in a really well produced podcast.
  2. - Wally McCluer and Paul Glavich offer a good podcast that often interviews the more average programmer about .NET related technologies. They also do shows detailing some of the latest technologies and often get good interviews with movers and shakers at conferences too. Wally is a community champion in my opinion, often travelling miles to be at Code Camps, etc.
  3. - The official home of ASP.NET.
  4. - Microsoft's Developer network site. This is generally the radius on the Microsoft site to find all the important developer resources.
  5. Channel 9 - The Inside View of Microsoft development teams. I primarily listen to Ron Jacobs and ARCast, but some of the other programs can be good too. Ron seems to be the most consistent publisher. Roary Blythe recently started, but his interviews or typically light and humorous in nature.
  6. - This is the ultimate Blog feed for the Microsoft teams. I put the RSS feed in my Blog reader and it generally gets 200+ entries a day. Great way to stay on top of the .NET world. Two blogs I do focus on are Scott Guthrie and Brad Abrams, two of the key players on the .NET team in Redmond and excellent writers and presenters.
  7. Scott Hanselman - One of the top ASP.NET minds in the field today. Scott also does a weekly podcast on technology in general that I enjoy,
  8. CodeProject - great source of community posted articles and source code.
  9. BetaNews - This one is not obviously a .NET related site, but it is a good source of daily news, generally from a microsoft prospective. Sort of a Fox News for us Microsoft guys, kind of the answer to Slashdot and the mainstream media's bias against Microsoft.
  10. Paul Mooney - I met Paul at the NJ Code camp this fall. He is like the Bill O'Reilly of the Microsoft camp. I love his honest commentary about the way Microsoft is generally treated by the ignorant media.

There are obviously many more sites I regularly visit, but many of them do not post content frequently enough to make the top 10 list in this case. Some post maybe once a month, but are real solid when they do. I plan on reviewing books frequently this year on the blog, so that should be another resource reference so look for those. If you have a good list of resources you would like to append, feel free to leave a comment, no SPAM please!

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