The Tip Master - A Mobile Web App Tip Calculator

Now that I have my new blog live I have some time to start working on some other projects in my queue. Today I am ready to launch The Tip Master a web application to help you calculator how much you should tip for meals. The app is designed with phones in mind, since that is where you would most likely use it, but it will scale visually and work on a laptop etc.

To use the app simply open The Tip Master ( on your mobile phone. I recommend pinning it to your home screen for future reference. Enter the name of the restaurant, how much your bill is, select the service quality and you will see the tip amount and total bill displayed below. This will save you from popping open the calculator or doing the math in your head.

If you want to split the check with friends or family select how many ways to split the check and split calculations are updated.

Each time you open the application it stores a record of the tip on your device. Right now I have it set to retain the last 50 meals. This will make it easy for you to see how much you spend when you go out to eat and where. Nothing is stored on the server at this point. I have some thoughts on that though.

The application settings allow you to clear your entire history and select the type of tipper you are. This will adjust the way your tips are calculated.

This is another example of a single page web application using the same custom built frameworks I used to build my new blog, Please provide me some feedback and of course use it the next time you are out to eat.

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