Turn off the Shutdown Event Tracker

So continue my entries on turning off annoying features of Windows 2003 Server, I also recently figured out how to turn off the Shutdown Event Tracker. This is the annoying dialog that pops up whenever you choose to restart or shutdown the machine. I have never entered anything of relevance in this dialog. As I am writing this I do not even know how to retrieve this log.

One of the problems I have had with this in the past is it pops up after I have closed down my remote session when applying an update that requires a restart. This inevitably keeps the server from rebooting. In some instances it has shut down the web server in the meantime. I assume the reboot is going through its normal paces. Typically I get sidetracked by a phone call or an e-mail and do not get get back to check on it for a little while. So you get the picture, this has some service level implications, etc. So turning this non-essential feature off is pretty important.

Open the MMC

Add the snap-in for the Group Policy Editor

Drill into the Administrative Templates -> System node.

Double-Click the Display Shutdown Tracker policy.

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