What Standards Does Microsoft Edge Support and Are They Planning to Support a Specification?

These are common questions web developers ask about all browsers. Chrome launched http://chromestatus.com at some point in the past and allows you to see what is going on with the Chrome team. Now the Internet Explorer team has a similar site, http://status.modern.ie.

The IE Platform Status site provides a easy to read, filter and sort life of HTML5 Specifications and their current status in Internet Explorer. Each specification has a color code and icon to indicate what sort of API the specification falls under. For example the File APIs are all purple with a disk like icon. You can filter specifications by selecting one or more technologies.

Each specification includes the title and its current support status in Internet Explorer. If the specification is already supported you will see the IE version that first implemented the standard. If the specification is not yet implemented, for example if it is an early draft, you will see it marked as under consideration, in development or not currently planned. This will give you a clue as to when your favorite new specification might be supported.

To the far right of each specification you will see an arrow icon. Touching this icon will toggle the specification to expand, revealing more details. In the Pointer Events example you will note a brief description of the standard and when it was first implemented in Internet Explorer. For this example pointer events was first implemented using IE specific prefixes, but had those removed after pointer events reached W3C recommendation status in IE 11. In the bottom left-corner you see a link to the W3C specification. In the bottom right-hand corner is a list of browser icons indicating which browsers currently implement the specification.

The data concerning actual cross browser support is still somewhat being updated. For example you may have noticed Opera is not displayed. This should be rectified soon and other compatibility discrepancies.

If you are a web developer you will want to add the Internet Explorer Platform Status site to your list of valuable resources. This is a new resource not only to see what and when Internet Explorer has implemented a feature it is a good resource to see where Internet Explorer is heading. I encourage you to check it out because I think you will find support for some features and probably find some HTML5 standards you did not even know existed!

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