WOW! Microsoft MVP for 10 Years In A Row

Happy new year everyone. For the last 10 years new year’s morning has been sort of a tradition for me. 10 years ago on new year’s morning I received any mail for Microsoft now defined me of my very first Microsoft most valuable professional award. This new year’s morning I received my 10th e-mail from the Microsoft MVP program notify me I had been awarded the MVP status again.

WOW! Microsoft MVP for 10 Years In A Row

I always get excited about the renewed as a Microsoft MVP because the program experience is amazing. Not only are their Microsoft perks but the MVP community and Microsoft engineers are an amazing circle of friends to belong. Experience has not only advanced my professional career but I feel also enhanced my personal life.

If are not familiar with the MVP program, is an award for technical expertise, but also community involvement and a GEN role will have a rounded persona that exemplifies the type of people Microsoft want externally representing their products and services.

This does not mean that I, nor any other MVP, needs to be a complete Microsoft shill for their products and services. However what they do look for tends to be people who involve themselves with the broader technical community about technologies that Microsoft champions. For example I am a web developer. For the first eight years I was an ESP .net MVP because I built websites using as the .net and also wrote books blogs and spoke it developer events about a USB .net technologies. But I didn’t limit myself just as .net during that time frame I also branched out into other related topics like to query and see assess and single page applications.

For the past two years my focus in the MVP program has changed. This is due two professional decisions to focus exclusively on front end web development. This means I spend most my time interacting with the Microsoft browser team, edge. I have to say this experience has been very eye-opening because I understand how browsers work at a much deeper level. But have also fostered tremendous relationships with the Microsoft edge team as well as other browser team engineers.

I still double in on browser related technologies. For example I screwed been spending a lot of time in amazon’s cloud services over the past six months and I also have in some experience with azure services as well. Other technology areas do interest me and from time to time I’ll share resources around them as I see fit.

But the MVP program is more than just been a key. It is about building relationships with many like minded and sometimes not so like minded people. This allows me and other duties to be exposed to a wide range of views comments opinions and technologies. For example I don’t approve of fast food frameworks, but many of my MVP peers live in brief fast food frameworks. I’ll wish them any ill will but I do try to learn from them and to listen to what they say because I think they have many valuable insights to offer the bull make me a better what developer. In return the Hopi to the same listen to me and tried apply the concepts that I try to share.

One thing that’s interesting about the MVP program is the criteria is not limited just to technical community involvement and expertise but they also won a look at things you do outside of the MVP program. Such as community involvement, nonprofit the investments and other things to enhance the community you live. Four in the peas, this does tend to revolve around things like the volunteering at the student code development events and other ‘geek out’ the events to help others. But other activities outside of the technical space are also hopeful.

For example a few years ago many of us of what it arrived in Seattle early for the MVP summit and volunteer the food bank. This was a way to come and get back to the Seattle., And have some fun time with our MVP friends that we don’t get to see in person all the time. These opportunities game in Oli chance to do something good but that’s no Sunday in the peas in a different way. And this is fostered some good relationships beyond the technical expertise that I cherish.

For think Microsoft for fuel me worthy of the Microsoft MVP award. The engineers and team members in Microsoft did I have got to work with slow with the past decade have been amazing and giving amends insight into why the Microsoft web stock in particular is designed the way it is and how decisions are made internally. It is give me a new appreciation for product development that I have brought into my own a development and business processes.

Also I want to thank the Microsoft folks and other MVPs for being a great set of friends. In today’s mostly virtual world is nice to have those friends to reach out to ensure a twist on social media and things like Skype and at user groups and and other events that I get to be part of. Having dinner with some of the skies over the years have been so the highlights of my years. We laugh we talk a sure about things of art geeky like was going on in our real-lifes. We get excited about each other’s accomplishments.

Finally, I want to thank my wife and family for being cool and supporting me and my professional pursuits. Their encouragement and excitement his cause me to overcome some adversities and get through some challenges of a and C some commitments all the way through. Sometimes you been need more than just code to get you through and having a good sport infrastructure of family and friends is so valuable. And that as one of the reasons while I will always Cherish my time as a Microsoft most valuable professional.

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