A Logo For Progressive Web Applications

Maybe you have not heard of Progressive Web Applications yet, maybe you have. Either way you have not seen a logo representing the concept, until now. Love2Dev is a big supporter of progressive web applications, but notice there was not a log or common icon being used to represent the concept, so we created one. The files are available under a Creative Commons license on GitHub.

PWA Logo

If you have not heard of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) it is a marketing term created by the Google Chrome team to identify web sites using HTTPS, a web manifest and a service worker. A PWA can be added to the home screen and launched without the browser Chrome, appearing like a native application to a customer.

The core concept is not new and has been employed by Love2Dev on web applications since 2010. Service worker and the web manifest are new concepts that make managing the user experience, performance and background thread actions possible.

Since the iPhone came out web sites could add some iOS targeting META tags to enable the add to home screen experience. Chrome for Android leveraged those Meta tags to offer a similar experience. Windows 8 introduced the concept of live tiles via a complex series of META tags and XML file. Today however these early attempts are being made more native and consistent across platforms.

All the major browser vendors are behind progressive web applications. We are producing more content on the subject right now. But for now we have create a logo for everyone to use to represent progressive web applications, please feel free to use it!

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