Basic Rules of Internet Marketing - Rule 1

Since I build web applications for the Internet it is pretty important that I understand the marketing side of things too.  I have spent a lot of time studying keyword and search engine marketing, understanding effectiveness of various advertising mediums, etc.  I also listen to a lot of radio streams on the internet and like to look at the sites in the ads.  I have to see what someone decided was a god idea to spend several thousand dollars driving traffic to.

So this afternoon I was listening to Prime Time with the Packman out of Charlotte.  An ad just came on for a mortgage broker, those guys seem to have money coming out the ears for radio.  The ad directed interested parties to visit  Which by now you have clicked on and noticed it has nothing to do with Mortgages! 

This is a good example of a business owner not even coming close to knowing how to market on the Internet.  The first thing you do is register the domains you want, yes that is plural.  being in the real estate world Chuck should know when you go to closing you make sure the land is in your name beofre you sign away your rights and money.  Now good ole Chuck has dropped several thousand dollars advertising an outdoor life site and will not reap the lucrative rewards of a good converting web site.

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