BrowserStack Simplifies testing in Edge

Are you a web developer developing on a Mac? If so, you are not alone. Many web developers use earlier versions of Windows and non-Windows machines for their primary development environment. Most developers & testers are aware of the pain of cross-browser testing, specifically in Edge on Apple products. Even developers runing Windows 10 cannot easily test multiple versions of Edge side-by-side, e.g. Insider & Stable versions. Microsoft now partners with Browser Stack to provide a solution to this problem.

In March 2017, Microsoft announced a strategic partnership with BrowserStack to offer a free, virtual solution to help developers test their sites in Microsoft Edge, regardless of their local development environment. Included with this partnership, developers can sign into BrowserStack and test Microsoft Edge using their Live and Automate services for free. The main goal is to increase the number of web developers testing against Edge. Ultimately, this access will help to increase site compatibility, customer satisfaction, and Edge market share.

BrowserStack offers free access to Microsoft Edge for both Live and Automate cloud-based testing. This easy access lowers the barrier for web developers to test their sites on Microsoft Edge.

This is not Microsoft's first attempt to simplify cross-browser testing. Past attempts to offer cross platform testing include providing Virtual Machine downloads (since 2012), and a cloud-streaming solution for IE called RemoteIE (2014-2016). While these approaches met with some success, they also had significant limitations. VMs require a large download and high-end client hardware. RemoteIE didn’t support running UWPs like Edge and lacked features such as tunneling to local site or automated testing.

Live testing enables near-instant manual Edge testing via a streaming session to any host browser. Browser StackAutomate testing enables up to 10 concurrent Selenium WebDriver testing sessions per customer against cloud-hosted versions of Edge.

Live testing provides a remote, cloud-based instance of Microsoft Edge over WebRTC. You can interact with the cloud-based browser just as you would an installed browser, within your local browser on any platform – whether it’s macOS, Linux, or older versions of Windows.

You can run up to 10 Microsoft Edge test sessions via script, which can integrate with your local test runners via the standardized WebDriver API. BrowserStack allows you to configure your machine so their virtual environment can see your local development environment.


BrowserStack provides three versions of Microsoft Edge for testing:

  • 2 most recent “Stable” channel releases,
  • the most recent “Preview” release (via the Windows Insider Preview Fast ring).

Currently, BrowserStack includes Microsoft Edge stable versions EdgeHTML 14 and EdgeHTML 15. For the complete list of platforms & browsers available in BrowserStack, check out the convenient chart

BrowserStack is a mature browser testing solution that allows multi-device and cross-platform testing in a virtual environment. This means you do not need to stand up an expensive device testing lab, saving you thousands of dollars. Testing is available behind a firewall and via automated testing using Selenium.

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