Custom httpModules eBook from WROX

Cover image for product 0470379391WROX, one of the .NET community's best friends over the years, has started a new line of eBooks called WROX BLOX. I like the idea of publishing in an eBook format, because you can buy just the part of the book you really want and it give authors the ability to focus on a topic to produce something that can go deeper than a magazine article, but not as demanding as a full book.

Earlier this year I proposed two WROX BLOX to Chris Webb based on one of my popular presentations, httpModules and httpHandlers. The httpModules BLOX was made available while I was in Seattle at the MVP Summit and I have not had a chance to post about it.

  1. Configure a Site's Settings
  2. Background Thread
  3. Modify Content (this is a basic demo)
  4. Optimize the Response (this is the good one)
  5. Create an IP Filter
  6. URL Rewriting
  7. Custom Error Handler

I really like httpModules and I try to run through seven practical examples from my own coding to demonstrate how they can be used. I also talk about some fundamental concepts around httpModules that I think every ASP.NET developer should be familiar. I also go a quick run through on how to integrate httpModules in IIS 7, I really like that feature of the new web server. My favorite example is showing how to intercept the output just before it is sent to the client and move the ViewState to the bottom of the page. Trust me this is worth the $7 alone!

The price of the httpModule eBook is $7 and you can buy it immediately and download it and apply it to your everyday development. My proof is 40 pages long and there is a source project with my code in both VB.NET and C#.

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