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A couple of weeks ago I sat down and had another conversation with Carl and Richard for DotNetRocks. This time we intended to talk about a mobile first development approach, but as usual wound down many tangent paths. I think I started by responding to a comment posted on my last DotNetRocks interview, challenging the ability to create rich experiences on the web. I brought this up because it is a common challenge I get and I think it is more because developers lack confidence or even solid examples of rich experiences using web technologies.

We also spent some time chatting about challenges I am seeing in enterprises related to modern web development. I compare to this the experience I have been having working with a San Fransisco startup. The experience has been refreshing and energizing. To be honest my position that the web can accomplish just about everything a native application can comes from building some products in a startup several years ago. Right now they are in a very soft launch phase, so I am waiting to discuss it till they are to a public launch phase.

Talking to Carl and Richard is always fun, they are good at bringing out things I had not planned on. They also add good value to the topic at hand. I find the most disappointing aspect being the end of the conversation. I feel like things just get started and the time is up.

This is my 5th Carl and Richard interview for DotNetRocks and The Tablet Show. Here is a list if you are interested in going back in the archive.

One of my favorite resources on doing mobile first is Luke Wrobeleski's book, Mobile First. If you do any front-end development I highly reccomend it as a resource and inspiration.

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