Eric Sink Sells Solitaire

If you were fortunate enough to catch the entries by Eric back in September of 2004 you probably, like me, were fascinated with his story of how he was trying to build a small piece of software with no budget and his expeiences. 

Well, there is news, he has sold his Winnable Solitaire game to the guy behind  You can read Eric's entry here

I was especially fascinated with Eric's story because I think my operation is very much a Micro ISV because it is just me and few outside helpers for graphics, etc.  One of the big complaints I have about some of the books, articles, etc produced int eh siftware world are that they are aimed directly at big ineffienct companies that want 'Enterpise' software.  There are many, many development shops like mine out there that needed some support.  I think Eric realized quickly being a Micro ISV is much harder than starting a company with a very large bank account.

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