Good Language converting Tools; C# to VB and VB to C#

I like to find sample code ot help me solve my problems, who doesn't?  Often I find good C# code and I prefer VB.NET, so going through and rewriting the code can be tedious.  I have long used Alex Lowe's converter, but I think it leaves a few holes and may not have been updated for 2.0.  I think this was just developed as an example of advance reflection capabilities anyway.

I was reviewing a few articles on Developer Fusion this afternoon and noticed a Utilities tab on the site.  There are two good utilities to convert code between the two top .NET languages.  I imediately dropped some moderately advanced VB Code in the converter and got a perfectly translated C# version.  So I will give it a good thumbs up.

C# to VB Converter

VB to C# Converter

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