Google Starts Publically Shaming Slow Web Sites

Wednesday Search Engine Land reported Google might be testing a 'slow' label for those agonizing sites that take for ever to load. This is awesome news I hope causes business owners to do something about their terrible web sites. Page speed has been a factor in search engine rankings for at least 5 years because it is a key factor in user satisfaction.

Anyone who follows me or has been to one of my presentations you know I preach a performance first approach to web development There is science behind this mantra. The sad reality is day after day developers and stakeholders launch poorly built web sites and applications. Properly built web pages load fast, are easier to develop/maintain and have much higher user satisfaction rates (that means you make more money).

I hope Google pushes this idea forward and Bing follows along. What I know about search engine 'science' tells me having a 'slow' icon next to your serp will cause a drop in traffic because no one wants to go to a slow site. Maybe this will help everyone fix the slow junk they have released and we can all enjoy a fast, almost instant web experience.

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