HttpStatusCode ' An Enumeration For the Web

I have posted before about IIS Status codes, realize that is not exactly a correct name for them, it should be Http Status Codes. I wanted to point you to a valuable enumeration in the System.Net namespace, HttpStatusCode. It contains members for each of the codes specific in RFC 2616 for HTTP 1.1, see page 57-71 or Section 10.

The HttpStatusCode enumeration should make it easier for .NET programmers to just program instead of looking up specific codes. One nice feature is the HttpWebResponse class has a Status property that implements the HttpStatusCode enumeration to do comparisons. This is really nice because it makes it pretty easy for a programmer to write a select case or switch statement (or an if statement if it warrants) to quickly route processing of the transaction based on the returned status code.

If myHttpWebResponse.StatusCode = HttpStatusCode.OK Then
    Console.WriteLine(ControlChars.Lf + ControlChars.NewLine + "Response Status Code is OK and StatusDescription is: {0}", myHttpWebResponse.StatusDescription)
End If


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