IIS continues to gain Web Server Market Share

The June 2006 Netcraft Survey was just released and Microsoft's IIS is continuing to gain market share.  the survey also found one of the larger gains in the overall number of websites in the month they have ever seen, narly 4 million new web sites in the previous month.  The increase in Microsoft's web server share over the last three months was 16.7% over the Open Source Appache web server!

I think this means several posative things to ASP.NET developers, first the demand for web sites is rapidly increasing and the IIS/ASP.NET platform is  a large part of the recent increases.  That means being a top performing ASP.NET developer gives you a huge edge in the job market.  So keep reading ProfessionalASPNET.com for more ways to leverage ASP.NET to make better web sites.

I think many companies are really starting to figure out that Open Source platforms are much more expensive to maintain and develop professional applications.  If you know me this has been my philosphy all along.  I also read today that many companys are starting to dump Linux in favor of the Microsoft Windows platform because they are just plain tired of relying on messageboards for technical support.  That may be a little harsh, but from my observation a hard reality.  So keep learning to be better .NET developers and trust in your platform!

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