[Infographic] What is a Progressive Web App?

A PWA is Fast, Reliable, EngagingWhat does it take to make your web site a Progressive Web App and earn a place on your customer's home screen? We have an infographic to help you get started.

Progressive web apps are not a new way to design web sites, but a way to make the web experience equal to native applications on mobile and desktop. The web has distinct advantages over native apps because they are more lightweight and cross-platform. Progressive web applications are just web sites with a few additions.

These additions include using HTTPS for security and identity, a web manifest file to provide meta data to the browser about the site and registering a service worker with a fetch event handler. Implementing these technical requirements, combined with a priority on performance creates web sites that are fast, reliable and engaging.

Browser vendors are enthusiastically behind progressive web apps with over 2 billion consumers already using browsers supporting progressive web applications.

Download our free What is a Progressive Web App infographic and share with your friends and stakeholders.

What is a PWA Infographic

Download The What is a PWA Infographic

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