Internet Explorer 8 is Released ' Diagnose Connection Problems!!

Please Note I posted a follow up article to this one in June. Please read on how I resolved the issue

Today Microsoft released the Release version of Internet Explorer 8 (I would provide the link here but I am waiting for it to load in my browser.. ), which is great there are some cool new features surrounding microformat support, etc. I started used the Release Candidate of version 8 three months ago. Since ‘upgrading’ I get the following friendly screen greeting me about 10% of the time. At least another 5% I get only partial page loads. I have to say I am very frustrated because for the first time I have to honestly say FireFox is performing better for me than IE. I am also finding many pages take forever to load, then work just fine, even with a primed cached.

For the record I have yet to get a diagnosis from clicking the button. Typically if I hit refresh the page loads. I hope this issue gets resolved soon, but today after downloading and installing IE 8, no luck….

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