JavaScript The Good Parts [Book Review]

Over the past 18 months or so I have become a heavy jQuery programmer. You can say a lot about using jQuery, one thing I thought I would never say is I love working with JavaScript, er I mean ECMAScript. As you start working with jQuery and JavaScript you will eventually learn about Douglas Crockford, one of the driving forces behind JavaScript. His book JavaScript: The Good Parts is a staple of the JavaScript library.

JavaScript The Good PartsIf you really want a good explanation of JavaScript’s components this is the book to get. One word of warning you will need to read through the various sections more than once as well as apply the concepts explained on your own before you get some of the more advanced ideas.

The main reason I got this book was to help understand how to build better object oriented JavaScript, or at least better organized AJAX applications. The Good Parts explains various object patterns you can use to build applications. From the Object Literal to various functional patterns, he reviews them all.

But more importantly he covers a lot of key concepts that a JavaScript developer needs to understand such as how equality is actually determined in JavaScript. He also reviews Regular Expressions, Arrays and so much more.

Finally he reviews what he calls the Good Parts and the Bad Parts of JavaScript. I found this section to be extremely helpful in truly understanding how JavaScript works.

So if you are like me and really enjoying jQuery or just really want to know intimate details about JavaScript JavaScript: The Good Parts is for you. It really is a must have for any true web developer.

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