The LoDash Docs are a Progressive Web App (PWA)

LoDash Desktop IconLoDash is a fantastic JavaScript utility library that enjoys the distiguished honor of being the most referenced node module. It contains many helper functions that save you from writing boilerplate utilities and insulating you from common complex functions.

John David Dalton and the rest of the LoDash team have done a great job with the library's technology.

I love the fact I do not need to reference the entire library for my code and can just focus on the core functions.

lodash-fullscreenBut without great documentation the library would be a giant, frustrating time suck.

One of Lodash's strengths is its documentation. In fact I would say for any library or framework to enjoy success, free or paid, it must have easy to understand documenation.

A cool feature of the LoDash Docs site is it is a Progressive Web App (PWA).

This means you can add it to your homescreen on your phone and desktop on Windows. When it opens it opens as if it were a desktop application, without the browser chrome.

lodash-cached-site-for-offlineBecause the LoDash site uses a service worker to cache the entire site it loads fast and works offline.

This makes it great for airplane mode! I love having reference material like this when I fly or am working away from home with no Internet connectivity.

The lodash documentation site shows that any web site can take advantage of progressive web application features. Just because your web site does not take advantage of deep platform integrations or advanced APIs does not mean it cannot be a progressive web app.

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