Microsoft Edge Team Working on 18 New Features

This week the Microsoft Edge team updated the Platform Status list, indicating they have begun work on several new standards and APIs. I decided to filter to just features currently being developed and narrowed the list to 18.

  • Accessible Name & Description
  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications
  • Beacon
  • Canvas 2D path2D
  • Cross-Domain Font Loading
  • Drag and Drop Directories
  • Fetch API
  • FIDO 2.0 Web APIs
  • HTML Sections in Accessibility API
  • ES6 Modules
  • Reg-Exp Built-in Expressions
  • Subclassing
  • VP9 Video Codec
  • webkitDirectory & webkitRelativePath
  • WebM Container
  • Web Notifications
  • WOFF File Format 2.0

There are several APIs and features I had either never heard of or given much thought. Others are a big deal to me. Chances are you are somewhat the same. Your important APIs and features are different than mine, and that is a good thing.

Microsoft Edge Team Working on 18 New Features

My personal favorites are the Fetch API and Web Notifications. These are service worker related. Last year I started learning about service workers and got a little excited. These two features are laying the ground work for full support of other new features like push notifications I am particularly interested in implementing. I will produce more content on service workers later this year, so I wont go into the details today.

New accessibility features are always welcome. Accessibility keeps entering conversations with developers and stakeholders. However I feel we do not make a worthy effort to implement accessibility features. I am the most guilty and need to change that this year.

Review the list and think about how you might take advantage of the new APIs to make your user experiences better.

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