Search Engine Optimization Experts Like PWAs as Key to 2018 Success

SEO Experts Like PWA
SEO Experts Like PWA

As we wrap up 2017 it's time to look forward to 2018. Search Engine Journal recently published a round up article asking 47 search engine optimization experts what they thought would be important for search engine optimization in 2018. At least five of their experts referenced progressive web applications as an important part of their recommendations.

SapientRazorfish's Ryan Jones says that progressive web apps are still young and offer to offer lots of opportunities for online marketing. In particular he cites them as being a mobile first approach, which matches up with Google's mobile first initiative.

Ryan Jones

Mobile! Things like AMP and PWAs are still very young and offer lots of opportunity...

Cindy Krum the CEO of MobileMoxie was real excited about progressive web applications. She recognizes that progressive web apps operate just like regular native applications and highlights the fact that both android and Microsoft are elevating progressive web apps to equal level of native applications.

Cindy Krum

Mobile SEO in 2018 is going to be all about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Google has begun to treat PWAs just like normal apps in their Android OS...

She also notes that fewer and fewer people are searching for native applications in the app store's. And just like I recently posted, she also acknowledged the fact that Apple is starting to reject more apps and cleaning their app store while recommending that many businesses ship progressive web applications instead of native apps.

Cindy's observations are right on point, because progressive web applications offer great opportunities for businesses to have great search engine exposure by implementing web development and performance best practices. When websites implement these best practices to create the best user experiences, which is what Google Google is looking for when ranking search results.

Cindy Krum

If you missed it, in 2017 Apple made it clear that Safari would soon support the ServiceWorker files that make PWAs so fast, so it seems like they have flipped, and really see the benefits.

The great thing about progressive web apps is that the web is naturally great at reaching your target audiences. And when it comes down to marketing and search engine ranking it's about being able to reach the right people as efficiently as possible.

As mentioned before fewer people are seeking out native apps on mobile devices. This is because app stores have never been good at discoverability. Searching for new apps is difficult. Then the app install process has multiple steps a user must go through for they can even get to the content you are trying to promote.

Studies have shown that the average cost to acquire a new app download user ranges between 2 1/2 to $15 per app install. It becomes even worse when you consider that one in 10 app installs are never used more than once. This means acquiring a true customer can cost at least 25 $250 each.


The web is great at reaching customers quickly and efficiently. Search engines like Google and being highly optimized to provide the right answers to the questions potential customers are asking. Is still up to you to create the content and the experience that resonates the best with those potential customers. Progressive web applications give you the platform to accomplish that efficiently and effectively.

The cost to acquire a visitor to a particular webpage can be as little as a half cent and often cost no more than a nickel. Of course in some cases it could cost more and some competitive niches but generally it's only a few pennies to drive targeted traffic to your content. This gives you that initial engagement point to earn that customers respect.

If you do this well enough, that customer might then add your progressive web application to the home screen and had your brand on their desktop or mobile device all the time. This gives you a very unique opportunity to engage with them at a very deep level.

If you're trying to plan your 2018 search engine marketing strategy I hope you seriously consider upgrading your web presence to a progressive web application. Doing so should increase your ability to rank your content on the keywords you want most.

If your business is looking in to building a progressive web application I would love to talk to. Reach out to us via ourcontact form and we would love to schedule a time to help you address your progressive web application concerns.

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