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One of my favorite web development books is Steve Souders High Performance Web Sites from O'Reilly. In fact I created a session I give from time to time at Code Camps and never have enough time! Yesterday's DotNetRocks episode is an hour long discussion with Steve about Steve Souders front-end performance best practices.

High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers
by Steve Souders

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A little more background on Steve, he is the creator of YSlow, a must have for any web developer. It is a tool that analyzes a web page to point you to the items that compose the page causing your site to perform slow. You have to realize that the speed a page can render depends on what composes the page. In Steve's book he talks about 14 items that need to be addressed to achieve optimal performance and it is these points (well 13 of them at least) that YSlow grades the page.

YSlow is an add-in for FireBug, which is a web developers best friend and a FireFox plug-in. I recommend installing both and start examining your sites immediately. You can get my Front-End Performance presentation slide deck from my write up about speaking at the Philly Code Camp back in the Spring.

Steve is also working on some other tools, like Hammerhead, which is a firebug tab to measure the load time of web pages. He talks about other tools he is working on, which I am checking out as I write this up. So go catch this episode of DotNetRocks and make your ASP.NET sites really rock!

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