The Bing Search History Feature

Recently Bing added a new feature I am finding very helpful, access to your search history. If you go to the Bing home page you will see a link in the top navigation labeled, 'Search History', which takes you to a page showing a screen shot with the selection's title and domain overlayed, much like I do on this blog's home page.

Bing Search History Menu

You can quickly return to your search selections by tapping the target page's box. If you want to remove the item from your history you can also delete it. I find this very helpful because I am always doing research and often want to return to a result I found a few days ago and can't quite remember how I found it.

Bing Search History Results

The search history feature started a few weeks ago and it looks like you have access to the start of the feature's inception. It will be interesting to see if they retain my search history a long period of time or purge the results.

Bing Search Type Filter

You can quickly retrieve a specific day by selecting the calendar icon at the top of the list. The results can also be filtered by type, either search, news or images. You can also search your search history, making it even easier to find the needle in the haystack. In way you can think about it as a very customized search engine where you have pre-curated choices.

Bing Search History Calendar Filter

When you hover your mouse pointer over the screen shot the label expands upwards, revealing a link back to the search results and a link to clear the result from your history. I do not know of the search results are the results you found when the search was performed or is the current results. My guess is they are the current results, either way this is a useful feature to help you find related content you may not have investigated the previous time around.

Bing Search History Hover Details

My impression is the new Bing search history feature is going to be a valuable part of my daily research. For someone like me I do about 3 dozen searches a day for 'how do I', downloads and documentation. Many of these search results I need to revisit later, sometimes weeks or months later and having an archive like this will be very beneficial. I hope it will be for you as well.

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