VB or C#

Funny thing, Monday my buddy Tom was visitng with me and asked me the age old question (we can say then when talking about technical things right), should I learn C# or VB?  I write in VB, which I sometimes think is funny because I really truely learned to program in C++.  I mean gosh I was writing automation and data collection software back in grad school etc.

So today I see Scott Hanselman has a little musing about this question.  He references another Blog, funny how this stuff just spreads around.  Anyway the conclusion Tom and I drew is pretty much the same as the analogy Hanselman posted.  That is there really is not true difference anymore and by god I am going to write in the language I can make the most money at.

So don't go and get all snobby on me with your C#, I really do not care.  I can read it just the same.  But I can type VB much faster =>

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