Visual Studio Updates

A HotFix for Visual Studio 2008 was released late Friday. Scott Guthrie details the items that are addressed in the Blog entry. Mainly there are some performance issues with Visual Studio 2008 that were beginning to drive me crazy. So I am very pleased to see this being released. I am installing it this morning and hope to see the performance boost as I finish some tasks today.

On a related note, anyone receiving a Visual Studio 2008 license at an Installfest last quarter needs to make sure they finish up their registrations before the next week or two. The offer has an expiration date in order for your license to actually work and you get your final disk.

I asked Brian Hitney, our Developer Evangelist abut it earlier this week and this is what he said.

Yeah, I believe it's mid/late FEBRUARY that the site goes offline.   Everyone should reg their copy online (using the link and code on the media) really as soon as possible (ie, that night) ' I'm not sure if the site goes down Feb 22nd exactly or not, but one thing is for sure'there's no benefit or reason to waiting.   Get 'em regged!

The issue was raised at one of the TRINUG Focus Groups this week. Since I have an MSDN subscription I did not get a license at the Installfest, therefor I am not real sure what was required of users getting copies that night, so please check with any documentation that came with your install.

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