WCF and jQuery Using JSON

What a wonderful showing yesterday at the SoCal Code Camp in Fullerton for both of my sessions. One thing I definitely learned is making AJAX calls to a WCF service with jQuery is in high demand and 60 minutes does not do it justice! Thanks for all the great interactions and sorry I did not have a chance to get my code and slide deck posted before the session, but I finally found some bandwidth that does not block the FTP port :).

For those of you not at the Code Camp session yesterday my first presentation was on making AJAX calls to WCF service methods using jQuery. This involves configuring your WCF service correctly, leveraging the JSON2 library, John Resig's micro-Templating function and some jQuery and JavaScript magic dust.

I will post some write ups on what is going on in the code as the week progresses. I have just been too pressed for time lately to get things written, but should have time tomorrow. The slide deck is on SlideShare.com, I will most likely be updating that over the next month now that I have given the session once and gotten great feedback.

Again thanks for everyone with the SoCal Code Camp, it was well worth the trip across the country to hang out with ya'll.

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